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CLP transformation

Wow, I am back!

The exams ended on 11/8/17. Maybe I will remember this exam forever, of all the stress and disorientation it has caused, and still causing me.

As for the results, we will see.

In a nutshell I slept less than 3 hours the night before every exams. My epic record was no sleep at all.

I do want to sleep. My brain just won't let me. I had been lying on my bed for the past 9 hours and bump! time to get ready and drive to the exam hall located at University of Malaya.

Never mind.

I am not all that excited and high right now. Something feel unfinished. It feels like I don't know what's next now.

I have get used to my life in a different living manner. Think about what to study today, the next day and next week. Counting down for the exams.Panicking that I am always late on my schedule.

Now I can basically sit on my bed and stare at my spinning fan and nothing should trouble me.

I am happy, just not very aggravating. Maybe it will escalate later.

I am fine. It is a…

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