Just a few book I had been reading on


I still need more sleep

Sleep for 2 hours then get dragged out by mum. I look at everything in the grocery, all the living cost thoughts crush through my brain.

It is like in the Jurassic Park with magic monsters jungle.

 Below is the summary note I made for the book of { Why didn't they teach me this in School?} By Cary Siegel.

Life Lesson

Choose partner with similar/close finance principles and habitsChoose partner that recognize cost of divorceAlways spend below your means
Debit and Credit Card
Maximum 1 Credit Card for emergencyPick lowest interest rate Credit CardPlan your work; Work your planTry your best not get into debtUse cash to feel the lost of money whenever possible
Budget and Saving
You are either a saver or a spender, there is no in betweenDo month budget and net worth to assess your finance positionSave 90% of your bonusIncrease in salary, keep 50 % to saving/ investmentLearn to negotiate

Spending lesson
Check your bills, especially bank account and credit card statementsDo not buy what you can…

Let me sleep

I am about to throw up any second by now.

Explanation: I sneaked out to get supper ( a meal and a drink) last night at the [mamak stall]. The drink( Teh Tarik] caused me severe insomnia which I couldn't rest for 1 second until now ( 7.11 am Malaysia time).

Around 6 30 am I went out for a jog. After less than 20 minutes it rains dogs and cats. I could have just let the rain fall on me ( I am dead now anyway), but I have to protect my shoes.

Just so you know, I love them(my shoes).

I hope I could finish this post and get back to sleep for real ( when my hair also dry itself).

This rain better toughen up and not stop until I finish my post, to team up my spirit.

There you go, stopped immediately. ( God hates me).

Anyway the sleepless night( the first 2 hours from 12 am when I still feel like sober) lead me to think, which I usually do( all the time).

I get myself another English name ( Danielle) than the one I born with(Winnie). No idea how long I will like it. I always love to keep…

Personal finance management lesson

I have already lost count on the number of books I had read in my book challenge.
Anyhow I started reading on this book regarding the personal finance management. I try to draft my net worth and budget spending, then I feel bad already.
Like the earning is so little and I am not suppose to entitled to entertainment and only if I live under roof of my parents ( no freedom).
You live in someone else house, they can throw away your things without saying sorry because your mere existence already taking place.
There is a lot of stuff, like you should save, then invest also. Yes! how about investment plan because money depreciate. By the way I can't even afford to pay all the utilities bills adding on my contribution payable to the family.
Besides there is insurance, not only for health and life, accident. Your car need to pay loan and also insurance. Everything you own need to maintain. Car need insurance too.
It is from the book of Cary Siegel
So many stuff and all need money. Theref…

Take a leap

It is in human nature that we pick the easiest and shortest way to get what we want. However things do not turn out to me like what we expected it to be like.

We tend to choose something less challenging and within our ability, so we won't fall. There will be no failure.

For a moment, it is safe and without struggle.

Nevertheless in long term it hurts, in a really bad way.

Deep down you know something is missing. Your potential has no space to grow, you wasted it all. Basically your once in a life time.

You feel all those dissatisfaction, life is so bored and meaningless. Despite without failures, the feeling of disappointment and frustration would not leave your side.

You are mad at yourself, for allowing you to be who you are. Still you lack the strength to pick up stuff and redo everything, to rewrite the story of your life.

There is always so much risk to take a leap, but there is also so much it could cost to not take that leap.

It is not talent that count, but the efforts a…

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Hi there! Yeah I try to be productive today, like dragging for so long already. Except reading heavily on variety of book genre, I started do more house cleaning today.

Except the cleaning on sofa and floor, I deal specifically with this bookshelf too.

I have to clean up and rearrange stuff at least once a year on it.

I still to eliminate as many books as I can. If they are no longer useful I will give it away.

Next I am going to make a list of books I had read these days, on my kindle paper white, bought it years ago. I just bought $ 15 worth of gift card from Amazon and got free 1 month subscription of kindle unlimited so I try to read as many books as possible during this period of time.

Book 1

Invisible client by Victor Methos. 
My first ever legal fiction in my life was read after I studied for my Malaysia Bar Exam. 
But then many things seem so much in clarity when I read them. The plot makes so much more sense than the stupid legal drama created by TVB in Hong Kong. I can no lo…